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Glacial Clay Cleanser

Amare cleanser helps rid of bacteria and unwanted facial impurities by deep cleaning. This clay cleanser will help you feel refreshed by cleaning your pores and getting rid of dirt and other facial debris. You will find your skin feeling refreshed after cleaning with this cleanser.

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Glacial Clay Mask

For true cleanliness to be achieved, one must use Amare clay mask to deep clean the face. This clay mask will draw deep impurities by utilizing glacial clay to penetrate the deeper skin and surface them. Amare glacial clay, as a great detoxifier, will replace the impurities with rich nutrients and minerals to keep the face clean.

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Glacial Water Moisturizer

This anti-aging cream with a mix of countless oils and minerals can help your skin feel smooth and refined. Containing aloe vera, avocado oil, panthenol oil, vitamins C & E, are just a few of many inside Amare moisturizer and can help your skin become more soft and prevent dryness and wrinkles.

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Glacial Water Rejuvenator

Providing even smoother, softer and firmer, more elastic skin, Amare rejuvenator will not only make your skin feel great, but look great as well. Containing essential minerals and oils, this rejuvenator will do everything to make you feel rejuvenated. This collagen stimulator helps keep the skin tight, firm, and youthful.


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Glacial Water Eye Serum

Targeting the eye area, Amare eye serum will penetrate the skin deeper than eye creams and deliver highly potent ingredients for a youthful and energized look. This eye serum is easily absorbed by the skin and can prevent wrinkles and even make them disappear. Brightening the eye area, treat puffiness, fighting wrinkles, all in one bottle.


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